What does the w mean on a silver eagle coin?

It is well known that far fewer Proof Silver Eagles are issued each year in the Congratulations set than in the standard issue. This Proof Silver Eagle has a first day label from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to show its quality.

What is the rarest Proof Silver Eagle?

Since the three annual Silver Eagle series vary only slightly over time, finding the key dates is the perfect way to spice up collecting for lovers of the iconic design. The first few years of an issue are always of interest to collectors, so the first significant change to the design of the American Silver Eagle series is sure to attract interest. The coin was limited to just 30,000 pieces, making it the lowest mintage of all American Silver Eagle coins. Although not issued as an annual proof Silver Eagle, the 1995-W Silver Eagle is widely considered THE key date of the entire Silver Eagle series.

What does the W on a Silver Eagle coin mean?

It is minted only in the one-dry ounce, which has a face value of one dollar and is guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The American Silver Eagle bullion coins make it possible to pay a bill when cash is tight. About two years later, with sales still suspended, Senator McClure reintroduced legislation to require that potential sales of stored silver be made by issuing coins minted from the silver. Once this process is complete, each proof coin is carefully inspected for impurities before being placed in a protective plastic case in a satin-finished display case and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.