Tasco Luminova 675×114 Review

The name Tasco has long remained a choice for amateur Astronomers until its emergence in the 1960s – although it has reportedly produced very good equatorially mounted refractors back in the 60s and 70 years. However, Tasco is a titan within the telescope-making industry.

In fact, Tasco purchased Celestron after Celestron had failed to perform financially in early 2000 and boosted the California-based company with bright advertising.

Tasco Luminova 675×114 Review

There isn’t a single consistent description despite its grammatical errors and its spelling, this book seems to be written for middle-class students. The Amazon description for the telescope is less good and the telescope is supposed to be called the Bushnell for some reason. This telescope can be used for viewing planets, though it’s not great if you want a wide field view of the night sky.

So obtaining the correct facts was initially a bit hard while I searched the telescope and all of what I read was confusing. Possibly this is a personal choice. Of course beauty should never be an issue when purchasing a telescope, but the colors of this scope are terrible.

What’s wrong with Tasco telescopes?

The Tasco telescope has a much lower cost today. During its early 60s Taco actually made decent products. Taco’s 60mm refractor was installed in 1973. This device features metal optical tube lenses, metal rear cell focuser and metal dew cap.

Suitable for the eye. The tripod and the eyepiece had many shortcomings, but at least the whole thing was metal. Several Taco Scope models (particularly in entry level) utilize large amounts of polyethylene. For the same (and slightly larger) amount, you can get another telescope of similar sizes.

If not Tasco, what should I Buy?

Those of you who already own an eyepiece can buy the most reliable telescopes from Orion Telescopes. Great First Telescopes suggests a number of models which offer an outstanding selection of telescopes for a wide range of budgets. Orions webpage provides many excellent tutorials for choosing a telescope.

As mentioned earlier, I worked with Orion on a couple of occasions, but service always was excellent. For more advice for new telescope buyers, please visit the article Advice on buying an excellent first telescope.

The optical tube

Luminova 114 is an 112mm Newtonian. Its optical system is similar to the Celestron PowerSeeker 114 and makes for very impressive performance. Like this scope, the luminosa 113 has some difficulties however. This scope finder consists of 524 units of size.

The objective and its aperture are stopped down to correct resulting distortions causing terrible optical problems. The brackets were similarly badly made, and therefore the finders are virtually impossible to align as such.

My friend and I have never had an Tasco telescope. In the early 1980s I always saw Tasco 2-inch telescopes in catalogs, but never other telescopes. It costs around £100.00 but the family says the price is too costly!

Obviously I would rather buy a telescope from Tasco than buy another one. I recently read a 1980s review about a tiny telescope from Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest (in a new science journal on a website, Google Books) who noted an oblivion in aperture.

How can I improve the performance of my Tasco Telescope?

Although they tend to be low quality, most have Tasco telescopes. Young people receive many such gifts as presents. Some have been purchased from people who had an interest in astronomy but were unaware of quality telescopes.

Why is there no way I’ll see anything with my telescope? The chance is you’ll not be able to return it in exchange for refunds. If you want more cash then it’s possible that it will increase the performance considerably.


Most telescopes have an supplied optical system which is cheap especially when it is under $200, but the Tasco Luminova has one that is so terrible it makes the telescope unusable. Luminova 114 includes three eyepieces: 13.5mm Huygen X 12x, 72x and 29.5mm Ramsden.

It also comes with three barlows that when combined with the Ramsden 4 mm scope provide the 655x pictured on the box.


It’ll explain why the Tasco telescope must be avoided for the first few months. I am interested to know how to greatly enhance the performance of the Telescope with the help of Tasco.

If you’ve ever purchased a telescope, you’ve probably seen Tasco telescopes at almost every department store and playstore. If there is still no telescope, the best option is to avoid purchasing one!

Who makes Tasco telescopes?

Tasco is an established consumer sports optics firm with origins in telescope products. For more than 60 years, he has crafted a quality product at a reasonable price. Tasco operates through Vista Outdoor Inc., the world leader in the design, manufacture, and market for outdoor activities and recreation.