23 Saturn Facts | Awesome Facts about the planet Saturn

The planet Saturn has intrigued astronomers for centuries. Since it was first seen through a powerful telescope in the 17th Century, scientists have wondered what Saturn is made of, and how its rings came to be. Fortunately, nowadays we know a lot more about Saturn than we ever have before, after four successful missions. So, … Read more


23 Earth Facts | Fascinating Facts about the Planet Earth

We take our planet for granted. Though it doesn’t have the Rings of Saturn or the moons of Jupiter, it’s as intriguing and unique as of the others. People don’t tend to take as much interest in the Earth as other planets, probably because we’re living on it. But the fact of the matter is … Read more


22 Venus Facts | Cool Facts About the Planet Venus

There are many things to learn about Venus, from its extremely high temperatures to its low wind speeds, there are a lot of different Venus facts for us to learn. We don’t know as much about Venus as we do about Mars, but thanks to spacecrafts like Magellan, we know a lot more now than … Read more