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Stock Market

My fourth grade students and I thank you for the Going Up! Science and the Stock Market issue of Odyssey. We read it cover to cover. The students enjoyed reading about forecasting the market and about the stock market crash. They also enjoyed trying to figure out what the Stock Market cartoons meant.

Our class had six teams playing the Stock Market Game so all the articles were relevant to our ten week investing project. One team finished in 20th place out of 127 teams!

Sheri L. Johnson
Happy Hollow Elementary School, IN

Everyone wanted to be in the picture to say thanks:


"Telecollaborative Project"

Paddy Signorini wrote to us about a project she is planning. In her own words *,

"I am an assistant librarian at an international school in Caracs. At present, I am working on a ‘telecollaborative project’ for an IT course I’m taking. I haven’t decided on a topic yet, but, as we live in the tropics, our environment is my first choice with the idea of exchanging ideas with other schools. 2) Space technology and invention would be another choice for middle school. The project is purely hypothetical, but could be carried out at a later date. Are there science teachers out there who would like to share some idea or whose work I can see? I’d appreciate an early reply. I am looking for something like SetiCam that hasn’t closed for the present. Look forward to hearing from you."

If you have any ideas or advice for Paddy, please email her.

* – slightly edited for presentation on this page

Young Inventors’ ODYSSEY Project

Peter Hubbard’s 4th Grade class at Lawton Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, is using ODYSSEY Magazine as its primary source for studying about 21st century frontiers. After reading ODYSSEY articles as a class, students deepen their research through books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, and electronic media sources, including the Internet. Finally, students “invent” by creating structures which reflect their newly acquired knowledge and ideas, using various design systems. Research and design projects are then posted on the school’s web site to stimulate thinking about various aspects of life in the coming century.

If your class would like to enter into a conversation with Peter and his class around these topics, please contact him at (206) 378-2760, school, or (360) 424-3227, home.

If You Have Ideas to Share . . .

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