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ODYSSEY is a 52-page, full color magazine published 9 times per year (September – May). It is appropriate for young readers ages 10 – 16.

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"ODYSSEY is the perfect complement for teachers doing discovery science. The science extensions, activities, and articles are accessible to middle-school children from all backgrounds and of all abilities. It is an ideal vehicle for taking the everyday experiences of children, both within and outside the classroom, to deeper levels of interest and understanding."

Dr. R. Bruce Ward, Director, Project ARIES, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

ODYSSEY believes that science is an exciting adventure, and that it can lead to a lifetime of scientific inquiry and satisfaction. That’s why each 52-page themed issue is packed with articles by acclaimed writers and scientists – information that talks "to" (and not "down to") young readers. ODYSSEY helps children keep pace with the rapidly changing world of science by presenting its most exciting discoveries, and it prepares children for the challenges and rewards of the future.

With ODYSSEY, you and your students: