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What’s Cooking? Contest
by Jeanne Miller
from the Weighing In issue of ODYSSEY, May 2004

What’s Cooking? Contest

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Check out "Rebuilding the Food Pyramid" to brush up on the principles of healthy eating, then don your chef’s hat and put the advice to work. Create a nutritious food you would like to take to school for lunch. Or think up a healthy after-school snack. Is your recipe original? Is it easy to prepare? Is it delicious? If so, submit it to our contest. The winning recipes will be printed in an upcoming issue of ODYSSEY, and the cook will win a special prize.

Ingredient Guidelines:
  1. Use healthy fats only (oils from plants), no animal fats, and no trans-fats.
  2. Minimize the use of products that contain saturated fat (for example, cheese or lunchmeat).
  3. Use whole grains instead of refined ones.
  4. Don’t add sugar or use products with added sugar (including honey, molasses, maple syrup, corn syrup, and dried cane juice). Avoid artificial sweeteners. Fruits, fresh or dried, and fruit juice concentrates (used sparingly) can sweeten a recipe.
  5. Use the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid for inspiration.
  • The recipe must be your own creation.
  • Name the category of your recipe – for example, "Lunch Box Recipe" or "After-School Snack."
  • Carefully list the ingredients and quantities, followed by the steps in the process of preparing it.
  • Send your recipe by June 30, 2004, to:
    What’s Cooking?
    30 Grove Street, Suite C
    Peterborough, NH 03458

    Or, submit online!

Further reading:
  • Dr. Lilian Cheung has, with writer Mavis Jukes, coauthored a book for adolescent girls titled Be Healthy! It’s a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness, and Feeling Great that has kid-specific information about eating right and exercising safely.
  • She also oversees the Harvard Nutrition Department’s nutrition Web site, the Nutrition Source, at www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource. Here you’ll find expanded explanations of all the topics in this contest’s accompanying article.
  • For healthy eating pyramids based on Asian, Latin American, Mediterranean, and vegetarian diets, see www.oldwayspt.org/pyramids/pyramids.html.

All submissions must be your own, original work, certified by a teacher or guardian. If you are age 13 or younger, please also include a document signed by your guardian granting permission to contact you regarding your submission and to acquire additional personal information as needed to process your work. All submissions become the property of Cobblestone Publishing Company. We assume no responsibility for unsolicited material. Submissions do not guarantee publication.

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