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You Be The Chemist
Lesson Plan Competition

Sponsored by The Chemical Education Foundation (CEF)

Arlington, VA, — Educational activities are sought for the 2004 You Be The Chemist lesson plan competition sponsored by the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF). Teachers are encouraged to submit lesson plans that showcase innovative investigations and exciting experiments on the subject of chemistry.

The Foundation will award $1,000 as first prize and $500 for runner-up entries in the three categories of Scientific Inquiry, Structure of Matter, and Safety and Recycling. The six winning lesson plan entries and their authors will be published on the CEF Web site, available for download.

"CEF has a goal to provide lessons that promote the safe use of chemicals. What better place is there to do that than in an elementary classroom? Most of the ingredients used in our kitchens qualify as "chemicals," so no exotic materials are needed to teach elementary students the safe usage," said Deb Reinmann, the 2003 winner for Scientific Inquiry. "These lessons are opportunities for students to both "do" and "think" as they learn science."

Reinmann’s plan and the other 2003 winning plans are included in the You Be The Chemist kit, available in mid 2004. The You Be The Chemist kit for grades K-8 features detailed lesson plans, a glossary, assessments, activity sheets, homework opportunities, and experiment materials that consist of non-toxic household items. A tool that strives to be both educational and fun, You Be The Chemist kit provides chemistry concepts with real-world references.

For complete details, rules, regulations, guidelines and submission categories, please click one of the links below. Contest deadline is June 30, 2004.

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Founded in 1992, the Chemical Educational Foundation is dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of the science of chemistry, the benefits of chemicals and the importance of chemical safety awareness.

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