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Cobblestone publishes six nonfiction magazines for home and classroom use, as well as teaching resources in the areas of science, geography, world cultures, American history, African American history, world history, and more. We also offer the Cricket Magazine Group’s five literature and art magazines, as well as their two science magazines. CLICK is an ideal companion to ODYSSEY, as it is aimed at the lower grades.

Books and Other Resources
Theme Packs

Mind-Boggling Astronomy (book)

Women Invent in America (book)

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AppleSeeds — General Social Studies (grades 2 – 4)

Babybug — Listening & Learning (6 months – 2 years)

Calliope — World History (grade 4 and up)

Cicada — Fiction & Poetry (grades 8 and up)

Click — Unlock the Universe (grades 1 – 2)

Cobblestone — American History (grade 4 and up)

Cricket — Various Fiction (grade 4 and up)

Faces — World Cultures & Geography (grade 4 and up)

Footsteps — African American History (grade 4 and up)

Ladybug — Open the Door to Reading (pre – grade 1)

Spider — Weave a Web of Wonder (grades 1 – 4)

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