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Mystery Photo

What in the world is it?

Mystery Photo

Photo Credit: Richard D. Fisher

Where is he? On a glacier? In a destroyed glass building? In a time machine? Give it your best guess, then scroll down for the answer!

Don’t peek at the answer until you’ve given this a good try! Then, scroll down a bit and the truth will be revealed to you.

This picture was taken in Naica Caves in southern Mexico. Those glowing shapes are gigantic crystals! In fact, they are the biggest crystals ever discovered. How did they get so big? Well, it helps that the air in this cave is 150 degrees Fahrenheit with 100 percent humidity! The crystals form out of mineral-rich water heated by magma pools below the cave. Hopefully, the man in the picture didn’t stand there too long — after only six to ten minutes in this cave, a human starts to bake! That doesn’t keep the explorers and photographers away, though. Visit for one explorer’s story and more pictures. Or go to, the cave’s official Web site.

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