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Odyssey Themes

A "heads-up" for teachers who like to plan ahead

Knowing some details about our upcoming issues can make it easier for teachers to make their lesson plans. We will post information as soon as we are alerted by our editorial staff. However, because the field of science changes so rapidly, we reserve the right to change topics and content whenever appropriate — and we’ll post the changes here.

JANUARY: Flash Back! Flash Forward! Science of Photography

We’re taking more pictures via phone and digital cameras than ever before. And our images move around the world instantaneously. Imagine a camera that you focus after you click. It’s here. Everyone loves Instagram! How do science and technology make it all possible? Where is photography headed? Will our photos last? The impossible photography of Erik Johannson.

FEBRUARY: Animals in the City

A look at urban ecosystems, the impact of human-made environments on other creatures and how we encourage the species we like in our cities (songbirds) and discourage those we don’t like (rodents, bedbugs, geese). Pets in the city. City parks. Try this at home—take a species tally.

MARCH: Thirsty World

“There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people—and the environment— suffer badly.” World Water Vision Report This issue will look at The Clean Water Act, the impact of “fracking” (the process of extracting natural gas from shale) on the nation’s water supply, and the shortage of clean water throughout the world and what might be done about it.

APRIL: Sushi Mania: For All the Fish in the Sea

Whether you love sushi . . . or hate it, the world’s appetite for this raw fish/seaweed combo is imperiling the bluefin tuna, and depleting big-eye tuna, yellowfin tuna, red snapper, Japanese yellowtail, and salmon. What can be done about overfishing? Is raw fish really safe (the flash-freeze)? Healthy? What is Zobellia? Are the Japanese genetically adapted to eat sushi? Save the tuna!

MAY/JUNE: The Future of Fun

Playgrounds you’d never expect, the most extreme sports (concussion alert), mobile gaming (Angry Birds), Sphero and other gadgetry, tech at the edge. The brain and the pursuit of pleasure. What makes us smile?

JULY/AUGUST: Speed! Racetrack Science

A racecar is a science experiment on wheels. It must be agile, powerful, fast, and safe. How does it get that way? Evolution of a Formula 1 racing car from computer screen to race (Maclaren Technology Centre), racetrack engineering, the physics of NASCAR, the drivers’s skill, and more.

SEPTEMBER: Cobblestone Magazine family theme to be announced July, 2012.

OCTOBER: Unsolved Mysteries (of Science)

What do scientists really want to know? What are the outstanding questions: What is consciousness? What is gravity? What are dark matter and dark energy? Does the Higgs particle exist? Why is there no pattern to the series of prime numbers? This issue will profile some amazing scientists and their research to find the answers.

NOV/DEC: Imagine a 10-D World!

How many dimensions can you imagine? String theorists bet that extra dimensions do indeed exist. Superstring theory requires a universe with no fewer than 10 dimensions. What might they look like? (See Brian Greene TED talk.) Imagine! (To include digital 3-D technology.)

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