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ODYSSEY Wins Distinguished Achievement Award from Association of Educational Publishers

June 11th, 2001

Going Up! Science and the Stock Market

ISBN 0382444973

ODYSSEY has been named the recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Publishing from the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress) for its March 2000 issue Going Up! The Science of the Stock Market. The award, given annually at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, honors the best in children’s educational publishing. This award spotlights the best "One-Theme Issue" of the year in the young adult category.

ODYSSEY is a written and designed to make science enjoyable and stimulating for children ages 10 – 16. The magazine’s tag line, "Adventures in Science," sums up the publication’s editorial philosophy of offering young adults a fascinating, and educational, look into the various aspects of the world around us.
Each issue of ODYSSEY delves into a topic in-depth. The magazine’s theme-based approach allows for more detailed exploration into the subject at hand. In the award-winning Going Up! The Science of the Stock Market, readers were given a behind-the-scenes look at the flurry of activity on Wall Street – its history, technology, and how science and investing interact. Stories include "Stock Market 101," a step-by-step look at investing; an overview of the jargon of Wall Street; a scientific approach to forecasting the stock market; astrology and stock trends; student stock market investment clubs; online investing; a "fantasy money" investing activity; how to become a student entrepreneur; a look at psychology and investing; and where the "bulls" and "bears" of Wall Street originated. In addition, a series of stock market-infused cartoons provide a humorous look at the all-too-serious world of dollars and cents.

ODYSSEY also is meant to be fun. Each issue comes with Science Scoops on the latest scientific discoveries, a monthly Star Chart for navigating the night sky, and hands-on activities that demonstrate aspects of the monthly theme. Reader participation is encouraged in Odyssey’s Fantastic Journeys section and here on the Odyssey Web site.

ODYSSEY is published by Cobblestone Publishing Company, a division of the Cricket Magazine Group. Both groups have redefined and expanded the role of children’s publishing by putting quality first. Currently, Cobblestone and Cricket publish 15 magazines. Their topics and approaches cover almost every subject and reach a broad spectrum of young readers. Together, Cobblestone Publishing and the Cricket Magazine Group are the premier publisher of children’s magazines in the country.

The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP), founded in 1895, brings together publishers, associations, and media from across the education field. Members include the most respected names in school and teacher publications, children’s magazines, software and supplemental publishers, educational foundations and associations, and the education and trade press across all media, as well as schools and school districts.

ODYSSEY is edited by Elizabeth Lindstrom. The magazine also is the recipient of a 1999 AEP Distinguished Achievement Award for Best Interview Feature.

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