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Speak Out with Poetry

With Valentine’s Day being celebrated this month, cards and songs are filled with poems about romance. But poetry’s vivid images can also speak about important social issues like rain forest conservation.

Whether it’s in the form of song lyrics or just verse, a poem’s stark word pictures hammer home your point. How desolate would the world be without the beauty of the rain forest? What lives could have been saved if deforestation hadn’t wiped out medically important species?

Express your desire to save the rain forest in a poem. You might choose a formal structure like a 14-line Shakespearean sonnet, another rhyming structure, or free verse.

Encourage friends and classmates to write poems, too. Post them at your school to make others aware of the pressing need to stop destruction of the rain forests.

Then, send a copy of your poem to:
Speak Out with Poetry
30 Grove Street, Suite C
Peterborough, NH 03458
make sure we receive the pem by March 30th, 2001. We’ll publish the best poem in a future issue, and send its author a 1-year free subscription to ODYSSEY.
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