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"Knowledge is never used up. It increases by diffusion and grows by dispersion."
   — Daniel J. Boorstin, Librarian of Congress

Teachers, reading ODYSSEY issues is an excellent way to brush up on specific topics you might be covering in class. Each issue of ODYSSEY contains articles by noted authorities in their fields, each of whom offer the most current knowledge about Earth and space science in clear and concise language. What does Stephen Hawking think about the state of cosmology? How do astronomers use adaptive optics to image deep space? Have volcanic eruptions affected global temperature? How are scientists monitoring global warming? You will find the answers to these questions, and to many more questions, by ordering and reading the back issues listed below. Start now to become an expert in the subject matter you want to teach!

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1 – 19 issues (any mix) — $4.95 each
20 or more issues (must be same issue) — $4.50 each
NOTE: Some ODYSSEY issues are in short supply and may not be reproduced.

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2001: A Space ODYSSEY (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0101
Alien Invaders (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0004
Antarctica ODY9401
Astronomy Around the World ODY9307
Astronomy, Math of ODY9402
Astronomy, Women in ODY9403
Astrophotography ODY9703
Big Bang ODY9212
Biomechanics (Teacher’s Guide) ODY9909
Brain Matters (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0103
Caving (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0105
Celestial Delights ODY9801
Chilly Science (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0212
Cloning Around ODY9802
Codebreakers (Teacher’s Guide) ODY9901
Coming Storm (The) (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0402
Cosmic Puzzles ODY9612
Cosmic Showers (Teacher’s Guide) ODY9910
Countdown to the Millennium (Teacher’s Guide) ODY9912
Crime Scene Science (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0401
Cyberspace ODY9411
Dinosaur, What Is a? (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0009
Docking in Space ODY9512
Earth: A Global Spaceship ODY9504
Earth’s Atmosphere ODY9304
Eat Up! Eat Smart! ODY0010
Eclipse ODY9609
Emergency Room Science (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0211
Extraterrestrial Life, Search for ODY9309
Extreme Science (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0412
Fantastic Feynman (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0411
From Viking to Mars Base 1 ODY9605
Frontiers in Space ODY9404
Future Power (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0404
Galaxies ODY9505
Handshakes in Space ODY9211
Home Alone . . . Or Not? ODY9611
Hotspots – Extreme ODY9801
Imaging – from the Atom to the Cosmos ODY9707
Invaders from Space ODY9502
Invisible Highways: The Science of Migrations (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0310
It’s Element-ary! (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0011
Kids for Space ODY9510
Laboratory in Space ODY9702
Language of Cells (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0410
Life of a Scientist ODY9601
Living and Working in Space ODY9303
Looking at Leonardo’s Science (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0111
Love at First Whiff: The Nature of Smell (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0302
Magic in Math (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0210
Magnificent Moon ODY9311
Mapping the Planets ODY9511
Mapping the Universe ODY9704
Mars So Near (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0305
Model Rocketry ODY9610
Moon, Back to ODY9904
Moon and Mars, To the ODY9209
Mummies, Tales from the Crypt ODY9810
Music: Why Do We Love It? (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0203
Nanotechnology (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0112
Nature’s Pharmacy (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0102
Night Feeders (Teacher’s Guide) ODY9903
Number Nerds . . . Not! The Nature of Math ODY9710
Ocean, Year of the ODY9812
Passionate about Primates (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0110
Picturing Space ODY9405
Planets X ODY0204
Plugged In ODY9809
Pop Quiz: Bubbleology (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0109
Robo Explorers ODY9712
Robots ODY9207
Sagan, Carl ODY9804
Science & Beauty (Teacher’s Guide) ODY9911
Science of Spying, The (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0309
Science or Hoax? (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0012
Science Olympics: Ready, Set, and Win ODY9711
The Secret Lives of Plants (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0303
Secret Agents: Understanding Bioterrorism (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0403
Serendipity, Scientific Surprises ODY9310
Sky Source Book ODY9412
Skyworks! ODY9803
Sleep & Dreams (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0201
Solar System, Edge of ODY9410
Spinoffs: Technology from Space ODY9206
Spirits of the North: The Aurora Borealis (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0304
Stars, The Lives of ODY9509
Stars, Voyage to the ODY9705
Stats: Talking Numbers (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0312
Stephen J. Gould: The Voice of Evolution (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0301
Stock Market, Science and (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0003
Sun, The Stupendous ODY9406
Super Light (Teacher’s Guide) ODY9905
Superstition and Science ODY9312
Super Structures (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0209
Superstuff! ODY9701
Techno Travel ODY9805
Too Hot or Not? Our Changing Planet ODY9604
Treasure Hunters (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0002
Under Pressure (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0311
Universe, Fate of (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0104
Volcanoes ODY9301
Wanted Alive: Fragile Frogs ODY0205
Warming Up to Ireland (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0005
When the Sparks Fly: Science Feuds (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0202
Wired World (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0409
Weighing In (Teacher’s Guide) ODY0405