How to Remember the Planets

Here are a few ideas to help you remember the planets. Some of these ideas involve mnemonics (word association patterns) visual imagery rhymes and repetition. Try one or more of them! And don’t forget to use all of your senses! These techniques are proven to be effective! So start using them right now! You’ll be amazed at how quickly they stick in your memory! Continue reading to learn about some of them.

Using mnemonics

Using mnemonics to remember your planets can help you retain information. For instance if you are learning about Neptune you can turn it into an ‘eternal station’ by imagining the name of the planet. It is interesting to note that Neptune has just one large moon Triton which appears to be captured from the Kuiper belt and almost destroyed the Neptunian system.

Mnemonics are a great way to help you retain information especially complex ones. A simple mnemonic consists of a hard-to-remember word triggered by a familiar image. For example in the medical world a medical student may use an asterisk to emphasize the word ‘dwarf planet’.

Another method is to make use of pictures. If you’re learning the planets by name it can be difficult to remember them so using mnemonics to help you memorize them can help you ace the test! Using pictures of the planets helps your memory recall too. It also helps to know the order of the planets which are listed in order from the sun.

Mnemonic devices work by tapping into the natural storage space of the brain. For instance a mnemonic device can be a rhyme or a phrase that has the first letter of each word stand for a different word. Both of these methods have proven to be extremely helpful in improving one’s memory. Using mnemonics to remember the planets is a great memory aid and they work in many different situations. You can find more information about mnemonic devices on Wikipedia.

Using visual imagery

If you’re struggling to memorize the names of the planets visual imagery may be the answer. Drawing a picture of each planet with the names on it may help you remember them faster. You can tie these memories together to remember more information too. Here are some suggestions. This technique may also help you learn the names of the planets in a more systematic way. However be sure to use appropriate visual imagery.

One technique for memorizing the names of the planets is to write them as an acronym. The first letter of each planet’s name should be rearranged in an order that makes them easily recognizable. This method is especially helpful for visual learners who are likely to associate objects with numbers. For example if you’re trying to remember the name of the planets you can associate the planets with the colors of the rainbow.

Another effective technique for memorizing the planets is to use a mnemonic device to remind you of their order. Write sentences that include the first letters of the planets in the order they appear in the sky. For example if you write a story the first letter of each planet represents the terrestrial planets the second letter of each planet stands for the asteroid belt and the other hand is for gas giants and Trans Neptunian objects.

Using rhymes

Using mnemonics and rhymes to learn the names of the planets is an effective way to help children remember the names of the world’s planets. The use of catchy phrases and rhymes can help children learn names of planets quickly. Besides the obvious benefits of memory enhancement rhymes and mnemonic phrases can also be entertaining and memorable. Listed below are some clever planetary mnemonics.

First try using an acronym made of the planet’s name. For instance the first letter of each planet would be ‘Pluto.’ This may be difficult to remember as it might sound like Move-em-jason when spoken aloud. Another effective way to learn the planets’ names is to use different colored markers. This way students will not forget the names of the planets’ names even though the symbols may not be visible.

If children have a hard time remembering the names of the planets a class project can help them remember the names of the planets. Hold a contest for the silliest sentence. For example students can line up the planets in order starting with Pluto. Teachers can find more ideas on the Internet. One popular method to learn the names of the planets is My Very Easy Method Just Sums Up Naming the Planets. While Pluto isn’t a real planet it does take 248 years to orbit the sun.

Another way to remember the names of the planets is to write a phrase that represents the sidereal periods of the planets. Then the word ‘mnemonic’ will stand for the planet’s increasing sidereal period. One visual mnemonic is holding both hands and their thumbs in the same direction. The thumb of the palm down hand represents the terrestrial planets and the asteroid belt while the other hand consists of the gas giants and Trans-Neptunian objects.

Using repetition

There are a variety of tricks that can help you remember the planets. A good way to remember the order of the planets is to associate them with images. Think of an object that represents the number like a shoe. You can also associate a color with each planet. For example if the color of Mars is red you would always imagine the same color shoe when you hear the word 2. Another good trick is to write each planet’s name as an acronym – for example ‘Move-em-jason.’ Once you have the alphabet down assign a word to each planet in the order you would see them in a rainbow. Then you can give yourself a written test to see how well you remember the planets.

Another technique involves testing yourself to see if you’ve learned the names of the planets by memory. Once you’ve mastered the names of the planets write them all down and quiz yourself. You can also ask a family member or friend to quiz you on the planets. You can even ask them to give you prompts as you recite the planets. This will keep you motivated and increase your chances of recalling the planets.

During anatomy class students learn that the eight small wrist bones are called Navicular Lunate Triquetrum Pisiform Capitate and Hamate. The same principle applies to planet names. If you wish to remember the order of the planets you can use a mnemonic device such as a word that is difficult to spell to help you memorize it. Alternatively you can also use visual images or chant the planets.

The brain is great at storing images and locations. However it’s less good at remembering general information. That’s why most memory tricks use pictures as the language in which the brain saves data. Think of Mercury for example. While you’re thinking about Mercury imagine that a Mars chocolate bar has hit the planet. Venus on the other hand was proposing to Earth. Eventually Neptune and Uranus attacked Earth and Saturn chased Jupiter away.