How Many Planets in Star Wars Are There?

How many planets in Star Wars are there? Those that we can identify as inhabited are Yavin Prime Alderaan Tatooine and Coruscant. This article will answer these questions and more. In addition we will explore how many moons are present on each planet and how many there are on each planet. There are many more to discover. But the question that most people ask is: how many planets are there in Star Wars?

Yavin Prime

If you are wondering ‘How many planets are in Star Wars Yavin-Prime?’ then you’ve come to the right place. The answer depends on how you define planet. Yavin IV for example has no major moon but does spend some time in the extreme zone. This means surface waters probably migrate. If life is common on Yavin 4 then it probably does exist. Otherwise life may be a bit more difficult to come by on Yavin Prime.

The outer-rim-terrestrial system of Yavin contains three planets: Fiddanl a hot toxic world; and Stroiketcy a giant comet that was captured by the system. Stroiketcy contains no life due to its extremely elliptical orbit. Yavin itself is a gas giant with dozens of moons. Yavin Four is a dense jungle planet while Yavin Eight and Thirteen have tundra and have intelligent life.

In the Star Wars universe Yavin is the first planet to be colonized by the Rebellion. This planet is the site of the Rebel base that appears shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The base is governed by the former rebel leader General Bob Hudsol. The base is buried within a large rocky fragment that surrounds the planet. Though this planet has not been named it probably was in bothan territory as indicated by Hudsol’s SWCCG game card.

In the STAR WARS universe the moon of Yavin is called Yavin 4. It orbits the gas giant and is a major base of the Rebel Alliance. The moon’s orbit is slightly eccentric and the planet is a bit farther from the sun than Alderaan. A similar image appears in STAR WARS Chronicles. When the Millennium Falcon descends onto Yavin 4 ILM artists use the correct matte painting for this planet.

Yavin is also home to the Rebel Alliance. During the Empire’s rule several battles took place on Yavin IV. The Empire also tried to seize Rebel equipment. Yavin IV has a rich history and is one of the most isolated locations in the galaxy. If you are wondering ‘How many planets are in Star Wars Yavin Prime?’ you’re not alone. The Skywalker Saga is currently available on Disney+.


In the Star Wars universe there are various planets with different characteristics. The first one Mustafar is a lava planet that was once a thriving world full of life. However it was ruined by the actions of Lady Corvax who attempted to use the artifact to revive her husband. The planet is strong but it also has a dark side. The planet is the location of Darth Vader’s personal stronghold during the Imperial Era.

The Empire’s occupation of Kashyyyk left the planet with little to offer except for a few isolated villages. The planet’s natural resources were destroyed during the war and the surviving inhabitants were thrown into slavery. The Empire’s enslavement of the planet led to the awe-inspiring wrecks of Star Destroyers but the Rebel Alliance escaped with their lives.

The galaxy that successively governed the Galactic Republic the Palpatine’s Empire and the New Republic is a typical spiral galaxy. The galaxy of Lando Calrissian in Shield of Lies is 120000 light years wide and consists of around 100 billion star systems. The number of stars would be higher if the majority of the stars were in binary systems. In the Star Wars universe there are many unknown planets.

The Star Wars galaxy contains over a thousand planets and it is important to understand how these different types of planets relate to each other. The planets in the inner rim are industrialized but they are not important. The planets in the outer rim are largely unexplored and are often exploited by the central galactic government. Some of these worlds are the homeworlds of the Jedi as well as Jyn Erso and Ezo Bridger. The Imperials also build Star Destroyers on this planet.

The planet Jakku is one of the planets in the Outer Rim. It is the homeworld of Jango Fett and is covered in jungles and inhabited by predatory creatures. Similarly Jakku is the homeworld of General Leia Organa and the Jedi. It is also the location of the Sith lords and the homeworld of the Aki-Aki species.


We know the name Tatooine and know that it is the home planet of Luke Skywalker. But how many planets in Star Wars are there? This first film was set on Tatooine a grimy and crime-ridden world. It is ruled by the Hutt family who have an iron grip on the culture of the planet. Boonta Eve is celebrated there honoring the Hutt who became god.

There are a total of thirteen planets in the Star Wars franchise. Of those only one has appeared in the three movie trilogies. It is Tatooine the desert world that gave birth to Luke and Anakin Skywalker. It is also the primary scene for events that launched the Star Wars series. It also has the most Kyber Bricks. The other planets in the series include Yavin IV Hoth Alderaan and Tatooine.

The planets of the Star Wars universe take their inspiration from various sources. Some of them like Jakku are similar to the planets of our galaxy and take their inspiration from places on Earth. One planet is named after a high-end car and another is called Moraband which is a reference to the Sith. A fourth planet is described as a Mars-like planet covered in snow and is said to be the home of the Sith lords.

In addition to these planets there are a few moons that are not mentioned in the Star Wars movies. One of these moons is called Yavin IV and it plays a key role in the 1977 film Star Wars. It is the first real strike by the Rebellion against the Empire. However it also raises the question of why this planet was chosen as the location for their secret headquarters. Was it because the rebels had already discovered that the planet was inhabited by unknown people?

The galactic empire had a huge territory that spanned 1.5 million member worlds and 69 million colonies and protectorates. The empire was a unified body of one half a million worlds and it had a total population of over four hundred trillion. It also had a vast territory that stretched from Wild Space to the Deep Core. The Galactic Empire also had many smaller independent planets so the galaxy is extremely big.


The city-covered planet of Coruscant is a thriving hub of galactic life. Its bustling atmosphere features a multicultural population streams of speeder-filled air traffic and inner levels below the surface. Here we explore the city’s many facets. The following article examines the city’s most important elements. Detailed descriptions and pictures follow. This article will discuss some of the key features of this world in Star Wars: A New Hope.

First let’s examine the history of Coruscant. The capital of the Galactic Republic Coruscant was once a thriving hub of political activity. After the death of Emperor Palpatine rival warlords sought to dominate the city. However the city grew contaminated with a deadly virus that affected only non-human species. Ultimately the New Republic defeated the Rebel Alliance and liberated the planet. After destroying the Krytos virus Ysanne Isard used her Star Dreadnought Lusankya to escape the planet. Thousands of people were killed and a large part of the cityscape was destroyed but she escaped by shooting a skyhook and jumping into hyperspace.

While many of these aspects of the Republic’s culture and society have remained unchanged in the years since the Treaty of Coruscant the daily lives of the citizens of the planet became increasingly dependent on the regime. This prompted a massive change in Coruscant’s architecture. Formerly the city’s skyline featured majestic skyscrapers with reflective panels. Now however the skyline’s architecture resembles more blocky buildings and has a modern streamlined style. The skyline of the planet’s capital the Senate Building and the Jedi Temple were radically altered as well.

The climatic conditions of Coruscant are unpredictable. Thankfully the planet has a climate-control system in place that regulates the weather events. Despite the city-covered planet its natural surface is largely preserved in the form of the monument Plaza. In addition the monuments depict the throne of Palpatine and the underground lab of the Supreme Chancellor. The planet also has several other structures of historical significance.