How Many Planets Are in Retrograde Right Now?

If you’re wondering ‘How many planets are in retrograde right now?’ you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of planets in retrograde motion and their next movement. Mercury Venus Jupiter Saturn Chiron and Uranus are also in retrograde motion. Each has a different direction of movement and their respective times are shown below. Once you know the current position of each planet you can plan your day accordingly.

Mercury retrograde

How many planets are in retrograde right at this moment? Mercury is currently retrograde which makes it difficult to predict when your next move might be. Mercury moves backwards in the sky from May 10 to June 3 in 2022 and will then make two more trips backwards during the same time period from December 29 to January 18 2023. So which planets are retrograde now? This article will show you which ones are in retrograde right now and why.

Mercury is the most prominent planet in the solar system and its retrograde cycle begins two weeks before it appears. Mercury is in a shadow period this time around and it will be hard to determine when it will go direct. However Mercury’s retrograde is short-lived. The planet will move backward again in 2022 which will make it easier for you to communicate and do business. If you are writing an important document double-check the fine print.

Mercury is in retrograde because of its aspect to a malefic planet. This retrogression will affect the sphere in your natal chart where Mercury is placed. This retrogression can make you feel nervous and unable to express yourself properly. A retrograde Mercury can also be an opportunity for you to look at your priorities and decide what is most important to you. You should also consider whether you want to pursue your professional career or devote your time to your faith or hobby. All of these aspects of your life need to be maintained in balance.

Venus retrograde

How many planets are in retrograde right this moment? This year the number is a whopping eight! The number of planets that are retrograde right now will continue to grow until the end of April 2019. The slow movement of each planet will impact our relationships plans and overall quality of life. Here are a few of the planetary retrogrades. This is a good time to make changes to your plans or perhaps to change them completely.

The inner planets have similar processes for turning retrograde. They appear to go retrograde as they lap around us. Mercury for example will complete its orbit around the Sun in 88 days and will be retrograde three or four times during the calendar year each time lasting three weeks. Outer planets have a different more prolonged retrograde motion and are less frequent. Therefore it is important to keep this in mind when planning your next vacation.

In January Venus will be retrograde. Because Venus rules love beauty and abundance this could affect important relationships. Venus also rules money so a lack of finances or difficulty with professional meetings can impact your finances. The period ends on January 29. Mercury will be in retrograde until January 29. In early February a few other planets will turn direct. If the planets in your horoscope fall on a specific date it is most likely the Sun Mercury or Venus.

Jupiter retrograde

You may be wondering why Jupiter is in retrograde right now. Jupiter is a big planet and it rules the sign of Sagittarius as well as the 9th house which deals with travel learning and expansion. However you can use this retrograde period to your advantage. While Jupiter is currently retrograde you can make the most of this aspect by exploring your own inner dialogue. This will give you an opportunity to elevate your self-awareness through shadow work.

You may also notice that you’re less optimistic than normal. If you’ve been focusing too much on being optimistic and embracing a positive attitude this retrograde period is a great opportunity to reframe negative experiences into valuable lessons. As Jupiter is the ruling planet for all signs optimists can benefit more from this retrograde. Take a moment to evaluate your life and determine where your energy is going.

This Jupiter retrograde period is ideal for personal reflection and growth. Pisces is a water sign and traditionally rules the twelfth house in Astrology. Jupiter is its ancient ruler. When Jupiter is in Pisces you can use this time to explore your spiritual side and seek inspiration. This retrograde can also help you explore your dreams desires and beliefs. The bright light of Jupiter will shine on your inner self and help you realize your purpose and vision.

Pluto retrograde

While Pluto is in retrograde right now the influence of this transit on your relationships is not as strong as you might think. In fact you should expect the effects of Pluto retrograde to be more profound if you’re a Capricorn. Your career relationships and health will be affected in a significant way by Pluto’s influence in your sign. However if you’re not a Capricorn this retrograde won’t mean the end of the world – it just means that you’ll have to take a few steps to make necessary changes.

As a retrograde Pluto is moving slowly through the sky. You’ll need to be very careful when working with this planet. It can impact you negatively if you’re unable to move fast enough to align yourself with its influences. You need to be flexible and be able to move forward with the times. A lot will depend on the placement of Pluto in your chart and how native you are. However you can still use this transit to your advantage.

If you’re a Taurus this transit offers an opportunity to transform your core self. The deep quiet introspection that Pluto inspires will help you tap into your inner strength. You need to feel comfortable with the idea of taking risks and exposing your deepest secrets. You can also be more assertive when speaking to others. Pluto’s retrograde motion can transform your relationships and even your whole being. In this way Pluto is making the world a better place for you and those around you.

Taurus and Gemini retrograde

While this aspect of the moon isn’t a bad thing per se it can be troublesome for those born under this sign. In this case it can cause a variety of issues. People born under Taurus should be extra careful with their finances as the retrograde can make it difficult for them to stay within their means. Gemini on the other hand should listen more during this aspect. Being the talkative sign of the zodiac Gemini is missing out on some wonderful conversations and connections.

Mercury is going through a retrograde period from May 10 to June 3 2022. This means that your communication and thought processes may be a bit off during this period. As a Taurus you may want to revisit your power structure particularly in a romantic context. Mercury retrograde in Taurus is a good opportunity to look at your power structure and your need for autonomy. Mercury is the planet of communication and thought so it can be helpful to review your power in order to maintain balance in your relationships.

Mercury will begin its retrograde in the Air sign of Gemini on May 10 and end in the Earth sign of Taurus on June 3. During this time your focus will be on your personal life and your immediate environment. You’ll likely spend a lot of time considering your finances and personal goals. The next time you consider romance it’s a good idea to take some time away from it to concentrate on your own relationship and family.

Saturn retrograde

How many planets are in retrograde right this moment? This question may be troubling for some people. If you are looking to make a big change in your life or embark on a new career it’s important to understand what planets are in retrograde. Saturn is the planet of hard work responsibility and discipline and a retrograde in this sign may throw all the rules out the window. It’s also a sign that can be very divisive – some signs may find this liberating while others find it a bit unsettling.

If you want to attract good fortune it is important to be aware of which planets are retrograde at the moment. This is because retrograde motion allows you to reflect on your life and work on yourself in an easier manner. When no planets are in retrograde you can use the cosmic energy to your benefit. As long as you can recognize which planets are in retrograde your future will be more optimistic.

Mercury and Venus will be in retrograde for a couple of months. Mercury will be in Gemini from May 10 until June 3 but will spend the last part of the month in Taurus. This means that the two planets are in different signs which can make communicating with one another a challenge. While Mercury is in Gemini during its retrograde it will be supported in the second half. While Gemini is a sign of mental stimulation Mercury will have a difficult time communicating and sharing new ideas.

Pluto’s retrograde in Libra

You might be wondering what the impact of Pluto’s retrograde in Libra will be on your life. This outer planet takes 248 years to make its complete tour of the zodiac signs so its retrograde period lasts for about five to six months. Astrology can help you make sense of these energetic changes. You may be able to gain new insight into yourself and your life during this time. Here are a few things to consider.

During the retrograde period you will be drawn to self-love. This is particularly important at this time as the retrograde emphasizes social motives. If you find yourself being manipulated by others it’s time to look inward and embrace self-love. It’s impossible to love someone without first loving yourself. If you want to make friends or find true love you must learn to love yourself first before you can love someone else.

The impact of Pluto’s retrograde in Libra will be felt in your third house. Your family alliances will be strengthened and your relationships with family members will improve. If you’ve been having issues with family members the retrograde will help you deal with them. However it may lead you to need surgery or undergo lengthy treatment for a disease. Generally speaking the retrograde will have an average effect on Leo natives though some minor health issues could arise. People who suffer from a chronic illness might need surgery to cure their disease. People who are working will benefit from this period.