How do you unlock the star chart in warframe?

I’ve had success saving Uranus (ha) and Sedna, but I can’t go to these planets as they aren’t on my navigation map. With the new update, Steel Path has increased the difficulty of all planet nodes on the star map and given Warframe a new meaning. You must purchase them from bosses. I switched from ps4 to pc and on ps4 I was at MR12, I think before I unlocked Sedna and on the PC I was MR5 when I unlocked it.

To do that, you’ll need to complete assassination missions on each planet, giving you a navigation segment on a new planet.

How do you unlock the planets in Railjack?

Back then, there was only the Grinner Railjack mission, and now I’ve unlocked new planets by completing multiplayer missions. There are no intrinsic requirements to complete missions in Earth Proxima, and you just need to complete each node to unlock the node that comes after it. Railjack missions may not be available at first, but ultimately, you’ll find them useful to unlock. Certain planets may have nodes that cannot be accessed immediately, even if the nearby nodes have been completed.

Just like a regular star chart, you could be worn to knots that you didn’t unlock, so you might never have realized that you actually need to run every node to get ahead.

How do you unlock the star map in Warframe?

Once you arrive in Ceres, you’ll unlock the best location for credit farming in the game until you reach Neptune for the index. After clearing all the nodes of the star map (except for the two Eris assassination missions) and talking to Teshin, a switch on the right of the map allows the player to select The Steel Path, a harder version of the normal star map with level 100+ enemies to earn unique rewards and gain more mastery points by replaying all nodes. You don’t have to complete every mission on the planet, but you should at least have all of them blue as some alerts and things may appear on something you haven’t unlocked. Think of the star map and quests as your “main storyline in Warframe,” but like other RPGs, most of the content is in all available side options.