How do you unlock the planets in railjack?

White squares mark completed missions, while light blue represents the available missions that have not yet been completed and have been unlocked by completing the previous square. If you need a Prime blueprint that is no longer available, you can purchase it from another player for Platinum — check out Warframe. When you start the game, your ship will not be fully operational. You must purchase them from bosses.

To do that, you’ll need to complete assassination missions on each planet, giving you a navigation segment on a new planet.

How do you unlock the planets in Railjack?

Each celestial body (also called a planet) has its own resources and a backstory about the faction that controls the planet (accessed via Cephalon fragments). There are no intrinsic requirements to complete missions in Earth Proxima, and you just need to complete each node to unlock the node that comes after it. I’ve had success saving Uranus (ha) and Sedna, but I can’t go to these planets as they aren’t on my navigation map. Every few hours, in the veil of Proxima, there is a hidden mission called “Erra,” which uncovers a mystery and introduces a sentient ship in the Proxima, along with rewards for those who venture out.

How do you unlock Jupiter in Warframe?

You’ll also have to defeat Vox and Kril on Ceres, and you can activate new quests via the codex in your orbitor. So choose Jupiter if you’re relatively new to Warframe or Kuva Fortress, if you’re more experienced and don’t mind the more difficult process. There is a small increase in difficulty between Jupiter and Ceres and it is also the center of many strange lore. Jupiter’s outer layers consist of permanent cloud and gas storms, and the only solid parts of Jupiter are at its core.

Jupiter is easy (and a better place to start if you’re a new player), but sometimes you can get an impressive amount during the Kuva Fortress survival mission.