How do you make ore detector better space engineers?

I prefer the new shading because the old ones had those massive ugly black spots that made ore detectors almost irrelevant; they only needed one to identify what the ore was. Instead, look for subtle, slight discoloration in the soil to find ore veins. Ores can also be looted from the cargo holds of some prefabricated ships, particularly mining ships. If you’ve only found one patch, you can keep looking for more patches, but it may be too deep for you to recognize.

Ores are mined from asteroids or planets and processed into bars in one of the refineries.

What ores are there on alien planet space

You may need to manually insert a moon for your individually created planet because it won’t always spawn next to it. Ion engines become less effective in dense, dense atmospheres; conversely, atmospheric engines increase their effectiveness the denser the atmosphere. Environmentally wise, Mars-like planets are fairly infertile, with boulders scattered fairly sparingly. Every planet, like asteroids and moons in the game, does not move along its orbit in the solar system.

As the planet grows in size, the models are actually stretched to fit the new size.