How do you know if a planet is in retrograde chart?

If you don’t have your birth certificate, you can retrieve it from Astroseek and trace it. You can find out which planets are declining by searching for the small R or “prescription” symbol. In the birth chart or horoscope Planets in retrograde are mentioned with Rx or simply with the R sign. There may be shyness, discomfort, or awkwardness that directly or openly expresses the planet’s energy.

When a planet or body is declining in the birth chart, its energies are directed inward. As the social planets spend more than four months in declining movement each year, many individuals have Jupiter and Saturn in their birth charts in decline.

How do you know if you were born during a regression?

When Mercury declines, those born in this 21-day period find that they are experiencing an energy and intelligence boost. And you’ll find that any irritating thing that could possibly happen is going to be awkward conversations, data crashes, intercourse, unhappy clashes with your ex, and many more uncomfortable and awkward situations. While it can make parts of your life more confusing, being born with Mercury retrograde in your birth chart can actually be a powerful gift, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance. People born with Saturn declining may feel particularly anxious or nervous when they are in situations that require protocols, etiquette, or certain standards and rules.

What are declining planets in astrology?

Saturn declining · Mercury declining · Venus declining · Mars declining Astronomically, regression occurs when Earth passes by or is passed by other planets. If you’re sitting at a traffic light and the car next to you unexpectedly takes off, you may hit the brakes because you temporarily feel like you’re moving backwards. So forget to hide under a rock, because most of the time at least one planet, if not more, is declining. Here’s a breakdown of what it means when a planet is in regression and how it might impact your zodiac sign.

Hale notes that backsliding is associated with karmic events in life. So rolling with the declining flow instead of trying to overcome it can help you feel more in sync.