How do sectors work in stellaris?

Given that energy is the really scarce resource (at least in my games), I usually focus the sectors on energy to start until they bring their collective things together. In the current version of the game, when you create it, you choose the planet that you want to use as the capital of the sector, and the sector automatically reaches all systems within 4 hyperlane jumps from that planet. But even though they are fed maximum credits and minerals, they develop slowly at absolute speed. Only a limited number of planets can be controlled directly before inefficiency penalties for influence and an imperial-wide income suffer.

The fewer planets there are in a sector, the fewer potential development opportunities are available to the limited resources of (inefficient) AI.

Can I add planets to the Stellaris sectors?

Star systems can be added to and exchanged between sectors at any time, but each sector must always be a single continuous region of the connected space. Military Priority — The sector focuses on building defense platforms and obtaining the resources needed to build and maintain them. Sometimes you need to include more systems so that the sector spans the relevant planets. Well, the sector can be used when your empire expands and when you don’t have many governors for each planet alone, or if you simply have too many planets and colonies.

This creates a new sector that is centered on the selected system and includes all other systems within four jumps.

How do sectors work in Stellaris?

On the surface of a sector planet, you cannot carry out direct actions such as building development or relocation of population groups. This allows you to determine what percentage of the sector’s profits are transferred to the Imperial Main Box Office. A sector can include systems that belong to other sectors as well as systems that do not have planets. Respect tile resources – When planning the infrastructure, the sector manager selects the plants in such a way that the natural properties of individual tiles are used as much as possible.


can reorganize a sector at any time, as long as you have at least 25 influence points.

How do I create a sector in Stellaris 2021?

Any system within 4 Hyperlane leaps (which your empire controls) of the sector capitol will be part of that sector. In this menu, you can also set each sector so that it automates itself and what it should bet on when building (in very rough terms). To create a new sector, change the player’s global view of a planet whose capital a player wants to be. They used to mean more in previous versions of Stellaris, but now they’re basically just sharing a governor slot.