Celestron luminos review

All Luminos eyepieces are multi-coated to improve light transmission through the multiple lenses, which means a better image on the eye, and the edges of the lenses are blackened to improve contrast. Overall, the Luminos eyepieces look great and feel like a well-built, robust and professional range. On the trail, on the job site, in … Read more

How to collimate a telescope

A collimation cap is also known as a sight tube and is basically like a cap that you put on the focuser of your reflecting telescope. A collimation cap is also known as a sight tube and is basically like a plug that you put on the focuser of your well priced reflecting telescope. I … Read more

How to choose a telescope

The main specification you need to consider when choosing a telescope is its aperture, i.e. the diameter of its main mirror or lens. You can choose the telescope with the largest aperture and the highest price, but these may be too complex for a beginner. The larger the diameter, the more light the telescope will … Read more

Maksutov-cassegrain vs schmidt-cassegrain

For people looking for a compact telescope with the visual performance of a large aperture refractor, the Maksutov-Cassegrains are the best choice. Another difference is in the size of the aperture. The secondary mirror on a Schmidt is a normal mirror. The Schmidt has a thin complex shaped corrector lens with a secondary mirror, and … Read more

Dobsonian vs Cassegrain – Which to choose?

The Dobsonian is one type of mount, while the Schmidt-Cassegrain and the Newtonian are different configurations of the optics inside the telescope. The Dobsonian is one type of mount, while the Schmidt-Cassegrain and Newtonian are different configurations of the optics inside the telescope. Personally, I and many others would recommend investing in a Dobsonian reflector … Read more

Celestron Nexstar 6SE review

Celestron’s NexStar series comprises four different models of computerized telescopes, with different apertures ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches. The NexStar 6SE’s alignment technology eliminates the hassle of calibrating the instrument and, once completed, the GoTo system is extremely accurate at locating targets at the touch of a button. The mount has 2″ stainless … Read more


Best Telescope Eyepieces for Viewing Planets [2021]

There are a wide array of different telescope eyepieces to choose from. And although many of them will be more suited to specific telescopes or brands, you can use them on pretty much any model, whether that’s a super expensive one or a telescope less than $1000. An eyepiece will give you the ability to … Read more


Best Barlow Lens for your Telescope [2021]

When you’re buying accessories for your telescope, a good Barlow lens is often where people. Aside from being relatively cheap, they’re one of the most practical ways to see more when you’re looking at the night sky. A Barlow lens is the easiest way to increase the magnification of your telescope without spending a ton … Read more


Celestron Nexstar 4SE Review

When you want to find celestial objects in the night sky, you need a good quality telescope to do so. The Celestron Nexstar series is one of the most celebrated telescopes in recent years, with the 4SE being the cheapest of the SE models available. But how good is the 4SE, and is it worth … Read more


Best Travel Telescope for Portability in 2021

When you’re looking at the best portable telescopes, it can be difficult to know which is right for you. And when you want to get some good views of the night sky, it is important you have the best telescope you possibly can. Although there are many expensive, stationary types of telescopes that can be … Read more


Meade LX90 vs LX200 Comparison

Meade are one of the best known brands when it comes to astronomy, and they have released some of the top telescopes over the past decade. This includes both the Meade LX90 and the LX200, which although are expensive, definitely have a lot of quality to them. But how are these two telescopes different to … Read more


Orion Astroview 90mm Refractor review

Orion are one of the most well known names in the amateur astronomy industry, so it’s not surprise that this refractor is one of the more popular models available. It has a 90mm aperture, which although is fairly small, doesn’t mean you should completely avoid even considering this one. There are definitely some good things … Read more


Celestron 114 eq Powerseeker review

One of the most well known budget telescopes available right now, the Celestron 114 EQ Powerseeker has had its critics over the years. For amateur astronomers who are just getting started with their stargazing journey, you’re probably not going to want to spend an awful lot on a new telescope. And if this is you, … Read more


Celestron Omni XLT 120 review

The Celestron Omni XLT 120 is a solid telescope that’s proven to be pretty popular in recent years. Though it’s not as well known as the Powerseeker series, it definitely has its fair share of fans already who recommend it as a budget refractor telescope. So if you’re in the market for a new one, … Read more


Dobsonian vs Newtonian – Is there a difference?

When we’re talking about the different types of telescopes you can use, then the one that most people know is the reflector telescope. And of the reflector style of telescope, two of them are going to be the most popular selling worldwide. These two styles of telescope are the Dobsonian and the Newtonian. Astronomy is … Read more


Gskyer 600x90mm Telescope Review

When you’re looking at getting a new telescope, it’s worth looking at the Gskyer brand. Whilst you might not be as familiar with them as other brands like Celestron, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them. In fact, opting for a less popular brand can actually be a good idea sometimes. It means you can … Read more