20 Sun Facts | Mind-Blowing Facts about the Sun

The Sun is the center of our entire solar system and has been since it was formed more than 4.6 billion years ago. However, we haven’t always known that the Sun was the center of our solar system. It wasn’t until the 16th Century with Copernicus’s “Heliocentric” model that it was accepted that the planets … Read more


Can we live on the moon?

A common question asked by those interested in astronomy is whether humans can live on the moon. Although theoretically it might be possible to live there, how easy would it be for us to make it a reality? As you know, we have actually been to the moon several times in the past, but we … Read more


How many miles away is Saturn from Earth?

All the talk in the media over the past few years has been about Mars, and historically, humans have only landed on the moon. Whilst we haven’t been further than this ourselves, the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts have been past the Jovian planets, including Saturn. But just how long did it take them to … Read more

How big is Saturn compared to Earth?

When it comes to unknowns, the Jovian planets still have a lot about them that we’re not quite sure on. Saturn is one of the biggest planets in the solar system, though it’s not quite the biggest. Despite this, in comparison to Earth is so much bigger that it would be difficult to comprehend. So, … Read more


How long does it take Saturn to revolve around the Sun?

As one of the Jovian planets, Saturn isn’t quite as large as its bigger brother Jupiter. However, it is quite a way further out from Earth, which means it can be difficult to see in the night sky, even with a telescope. So, we know that Saturn is quite a way further out than Earth, … Read more

Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?

Generally, the further that you go away from the Sun, the colder each planet gets. This is the case for most of the planets, but there’s one big exception to that; Venus. Even though Venus is further away from the Sun than the planet Mercury, it’s actually hotter than the smaller planet. But why is … Read more


How big is Uranus compared to Earth?

If you’re wondering how big Uranus is compared to the other planets in the solar system, then you’re not alone. As one of the furthest planets out from the Sun and an object we still know little about in comparison to the terrestrial planets, Uranus still has a lot of questions that need to be … Read more


How big is Venus compared to Earth?

Many people assume that the planets get bigger and bigger the further they are from the Sun. Whilst it is true that the planets that are closer to the Sun (the terrestrial planets) are generally much smaller than those further out (the Jovian planets), it doesn’t always work that way. So with this being said, … Read more

What is Saturn’s surface temperature?

The planet Saturn is known for being the second biggest of the planets in our solar system, as well as having the most moons too (it wasn’t always that way, but 20 new moons were discovered orbiting Saturn in recent years). But something that isn’t talked about as much is the composition of the planet, … Read more

Is Neptune a Gas Giant?

When we’re talking about planets, we tend to group them into different categories based on their composition. The four planets closest to the Sun; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, are known as terrestrial planets. This is because they made up primarily of a rocky interior and an iron core in the middle. However, the planets … Read more


How long does it take Uranus to revolve around the Sun?

Uranus is one of the furthest planets out from the Sun, with only Neptune having a greater distance from the center of our solar system. But the truth is that people probably don’t know just how far Uranus is in comparison to Earth, Mars and all of the terrestrial planets, which are all relatively close … Read more

Why do Uranus and Neptune appear blue?

Both Uranus and Neptune remain to be fairly unknown in comparison to the nearer terrestrial planets, and we struggle to see them with a telescope. Whilst you may occasionally be able to spot Uranus in the night sky, it’s difficult as it’s so far away and it’s not the brightest planet either – and don’t … Read more


How many miles away is Uranus from Earth?

As one of the furthest planets from the Sun, mysterious Uranus still has a lot of unanswered questions about it. Due to the large distance between us and the planet, it’s not exactly the most accessible for us to learn about. Fortunately, thanks to the Voyager 2 mission which passed Uranus in the mid 1980s, … Read more

How many miles away is Jupiter from Earth?

We all know that Jupiter is the largest of the 8 planets in our solar system, but most people aren’t aware of just how far it would be for us to travel there. We’re constantly talking about going to Mars, and Jupiter is just the next planet along from there, right? Well, whilst it is … Read more


How big is the moon compared to Earth?

Because we first went to the moon so many years ago, it’s often forgotten about, with much of the focus over the next decade being on venturing out to Mars (this is what the media portrays at least, with SpaceX and Blue Origin making up much of the news). Though the truth is that we’ll … Read more


Does the Sun rotate?

The Sun is by far the largest object in our solar system. And as the center of it, most objects revolve around the Sun. This means that all of the planets, including our planet Earth, revolve slowly around the Sun. It’s also thought that the planets spin because of the gravitational pull of the Sun … Read more