How Often Do All the Planets Align?

In our lifetime how often do all the planets align? According to Michelle Nichols director of public observing at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago the alignment is rare and irregular. But we’ve got an early jump on the plants taking alignment: they’ve already started to take alignment. And the skywatcher’s calendar is already full of … Read more

How Did the Outer Planets Form?

The formation of outer planets was the result of various processes. These processes include accretion collapsing and impacts. This article will discuss these processes. The outer planets formed because they were massive enough to attract solar wind. Since they were located in the colder regions of the solar system they could retain this energy more … Read more

How to Calculate the Distances to the Planets From the Sun

The distances to the planets are calculated using the Sun as the primary location point. This distance is often much greater than the distance to Earth but this is not always the case. Learn how to calculate the distances to the planets from the sun in this simple article. You’ll find out how the distances … Read more

How Did the Planets Get Their Names?

Did you ever wonder how the planets got their names? If so you are not alone. The answer to this question is deeply rooted in both Greek and Roman mythology. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you in any way we can. In the … Read more

How to Remember the Planets

Here are a few ideas to help you remember the planets. Some of these ideas involve mnemonics (word association patterns) visual imagery rhymes and repetition. Try one or more of them! And don’t forget to use all of your senses! These techniques are proven to be effective! So start using them right now! You’ll be … Read more

How Do Planets Form?

How do planets form? Our solar system was formed by a process known as protoplanetary disc formation. In the inner parts of a protoplanetary disc rocky planets form while gas giants form further out. Other planet-forming systems may go through different processes but the basic process remains the same. The concentric gaps of a planet-forming … Read more

What Invention Changed How We Think About Planets?

What invention changed how we think about planets? It could be Galileo’s telescope or Tycho Brahe’s telescope or it could be Hubble’s telescope. All were significant in changing the way scientists view the universe and they have impacted our understanding of space and our planets to this day. Discovering the moons of Jupiter with a … Read more

How Do the Planets Look Like?

How do the planets look? Many spacecraft send back pictures some of which are colourful some of which are grey. Some of these pictures are altered to enhance the subtle differences between them. Some pictures even depict a planet with a rock surface like Mars or Venus. But in truth the colours of the planets … Read more

How Do the Planets Orbit the Sun?

How do the planets orbit the Sun? The Solar System formed in a disk-shaped cloud of gas and dust that revolved around a newly-forming star. The planets formed from this disk and continued to spin around the Sun after their formation. The orbits of the planets are maintained by their gravitational attraction to the Sun … Read more

How Long Will the Planets Be Aligned?

The first planet to join this group is Jupiter which enters the picture on 14 April. The next planet to join the group is Saturn. Mars and Venus will be aligned on 6 and 3 May respectively. During these times skywatchers can see the first plants taking alignment. However it’s still too early to know … Read more

How Many Dwarf Planets Are There?

Do you wonder how many dwarf planets are there? If so you’re not alone. There are more than a hundred! The list below includes Eris Haumea Varda Gonggong and many other lesser-known bodies. But how many of them are really worlds? And how far away are they? Fortunately we’ve studied enough to know some interesting … Read more

How Many Planets Are in Retrograde Right Now?

If you’re wondering ‘How many planets are in retrograde right now?’ you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of planets in retrograde motion and their next movement. Mercury Venus Jupiter Saturn Chiron and Uranus are also in retrograde motion. Each has a different direction of movement and their respective times are shown below. … Read more

How Many Planets Are in the Universe?

Whether you’re curious about Pluto or the origins of our solar system you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a brief rundown of exoplanets from the first confirmed ones discovered in 2009 to the latest. The majority of these planets were detected indirectly. Some of these have been observed directly by scientists while others were … Read more

What planets will align in 2022?

Although these planet orientations have no effect on Earth, they can provide interesting nights for stargazers who know what to look out for. From April, the northern hemisphere will be treated with an orientation of up to five planets and the moon, all of which are visible together. The next point at which the eight … Read more