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Oberwerk Mariner 8×40 binoculars review

There are many different brands that you can consider when it comes to astronomy. Whilst many people know of Celestron and Orion, most amateurs are less familiar with the brand Oberwerk. But even though they’re


Ursa Major Constellation (The Great Bear)

Probably the best known constellation in the sky, Ursa Major has been written about for thousands of years. You’ve likely heard of this constellation referred to as the Great Bear, and if not, you’ve undoubtedly


5 Easy Constellations for Kids to Spot

If you’re looking for easy constellations to find, then it can be difficult to know where to start. When you’re just getting started in astronomy, you need to know which constellations to look out for.


Twilight vs Dusk – What is the Difference?

Many people get confused between the difference between twilight and dusk. Whilst they’re around the same period of time as each other, we generally refer to them as different periods of time when the Sun


What time is considered to be “dusk”?

Many people out there get confused about what dusk actually is. There are a lot of different terms that are thrown around like dusk, dawn, twilight and many more. It can be difficult to truly


Can we live on the moon?

A common question asked by those interested in astronomy is whether humans can live on the moon. Although theoretically it might be possible to live there, how easy would it be for us to make


Is the Moon a Star, a Planet or a Satellite?

If you’re looking up into the night sky, then you’re going to see thousands of stars spread across the landscape. Amongst them is the moon, which is the brightest objects in our sky at nighttime.

Is Neptune a Gas Giant?

When we’re talking about planets, we tend to group them into different categories based on their composition. The four planets closest to the Sun; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, are known as terrestrial planets. This


11 Exoplanet Facts for Fun Learning

Whilst the name sounds quite mysterious and complex, an exoplanet is simply a planet that exists outside of our solar system. There are many of them out there, leading us to wonder whether there’s another


8 Interesting Wolf Rayet Star Facts

Wolf Rayet Stars are very interesting for astronomers, as they represent some of the rarest stars within our night sky. They represent some of the hottest stars in our universe, and are highly luminous too,

20 Universe Facts You Should Know in 2021

When you’re trying to learn about the Universe, you need to keep an open mind. Some of the facts and things we know today about the universe are quite mind blowing, but thankfully in the