Have any astronauts had sex in space?

Astronauts also sweat a lot in flight, which means that sex without gravity would probably be hot, humid and surrounded by little beads of sweat. When they went into space together, Lee and Davis even spent some time artificially inseminating frog eggs for the greater good. Despite the arrival of mixed crews in 1983, NASA … Read more


How much do astronauts make per year?

An astronauts lifestyle is often wondered about by your average member of the public – actually, not only is it pondered, but also pretty misunderstood. Along with wondering what astronauts eat, do on a daily basis and sleep on, people often wonder just how much an astronaut will take home at the end of the … Read more


What do astronauts eat in space?

The truth is that being an astronaut isn’t that easy, and it doesn’t mean you get to float around in space for a few months. They have a very strict schedule of work to stick to whilst they’re up there, so there’s often that much time left for extracurricular activities, and it’s not that easy … Read more