What is Reflection Nebula?

A reflection nebula is a type of nebula that reflects the light from a nearby star or stars, rather than emitting its own light. This makes them appear blue or blue-green in color, as the blue light is the most easily reflected. One of the most famous reflection nebulae is the Pleiades, also known as … Read more


Best Telescopes under $500

Having up to $500 to purchase a telescope is a good budget, but it can be difficult to spend. It’s too much to buy a beginners telescope, which you can typically find for just a few hundred dollars. However, it’s not enough to purchase a more expensive advanced telescope. You’ll find that there are many … Read more


Best Telescopes under $1000

After you start to take your astronomy seriously, you’ll realise that it can be an expensive hobby to have. Sure, you can get by with a few hundred dollars worth of telescope and the accessories it comes with for a while, but if you want to take the next step up, many top telescopes go … Read more


Best Telescopes Under $200

A high quality telescope can be an expensive investment in a new hobby, and many people would prefer to purchase something cheaper to gauge their interest. This introduces some new problems; a telescope that costs under $200 may be capable in many ways, but you’re not going to see the rings of Saturn in that … Read more


Best Travel Telescope for Portability

When you’re looking at the best portable telescopes, it can be difficult to know which is right for you. And when you want to get some good views of the night sky, it is important you have the best telescope you possibly can. Although there are many expensive, stationary types of telescopes that can be … Read more


Best Telescopes for Astrophotography

Finding the right astrophotography equipment is an essential part of any astrophotographers journey. This consists of a sturdy telescope mount, the right CCD or DSLR camera, and of course a great telescope. Here’s a few of the best options, whether you’re looking for a beginners telescope for a newbie or something a little more advanced. … Read more


Best Telescope for Kids – Full Reviews

If your kids have taken a liking to astronomy, then the best way to foster or support an interest is to purchase a telescope for your kids. But, if you’re not familiar with telescopes, this can be an intimidating process. The technical jargon takes some time to learn, and this can make research a frustrating … Read more


Best telescopes for viewing planets and galaxies

When it comes to the best telescopes, there’s a wide variety of reflector, refractor and Cassegrain telescopes to choose from. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to answer the question of which is the best telescope for viewing planets and galaxies. However, we’re going to check out some of the top options … Read more

How long did it take perseverance to get to mars

How long did it take perseverance to get to Mars?

Giovanni made observations of Mars in 1672 from Paris, while his colleague, Jean Richer made the same observation from Cayenne, French Guiana. According to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center website, the ideal alignment for a Mars launch would allow reaching the planet in about nine months. In addition, the Earth’s proximity to the Sun would allow it … Read more

Best DSLR for astrophotography – Top Choice

Cameras in these price ranges almost always have a crop sensor (APS-C) and usually offer a resolution of about 24 MP, mid ISO ranges, and a continuous shooting speed of about 5-6 frames per second. You’ll probably want to match your camera up with the best telescope. You have an exposure counter, an interval timer … Read more

What is the aperture of a telescope?

The size of a telescope is a very important characteristic that is important for selecting the right one. The size of the telescope determines how much light the eyepiece collects, and directs impacts on image quality. Several manufacturers use the aperture to identify their telescope. Celestron’s PowerSeeker 70z is an example which has apertures averaging … Read more

What telescope can see the farthest?

Launched at a time when Hubble was only in orbit around Earth in April 1990, it has viewed faraway universes for nearly 30 years. It has an array of 40,000 times the energy of human eyes. The Hubble Space telescope can see further than any other telescope on Earth, and that’s largely down to its … Read more

How to clean telescope lenses – Full Guide

Telescopes become dirty with usage. This is disheartening if your telescope looks new and was just packed. To clean your lenses, you have to clean the mirrors properly. How should I clean the lenses for telescopes? When dirt builds on lenses and mirror lenses, light scatters off them. You see a celestial object which looks … Read more

What does a star look like through a telescope?

During the stargazing period the first time that you are leaned over the eye piece will take a look at it. The observer will find it interesting to look at a familiar planet or a distant star, but for a novice it can pose a challenge. What does a star look like through a telescope? … Read more

How can you see Mars using a telescope?

When the surface of Mars is close, viewing Mars by satellite is spectacular. In a faraway place the perspective becomes less inspiring. Though it is our closest neighbor on Earth, the distance between Mars and Earth changes significantly during the last two years. Their nearest is approximately 35,000,000 miles away. In a position of opposition … Read more

Apertura telescope review – Is it the best?

The Apertura AD8 is a high-performance Dobsonian reflector telescope manufactured by High Point Scientific, and can be used for the observation and imaging of large-scale telescopes. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced astronomers. Apertura telescope review Apertura AD8 optical tubes are installed on simple Dobsonian mounting from cheap particleboard. These standards are common in … Read more

Spotting scope vs telescope – What’s the difference?

What are the advantages to using a telescope vs. a scope? What are the disadvantages and benefits? Recent the older sister said her daughter was starting to interest in astronomy, but she couldn’t decide which was the best way. We all want to do what we can for our children and we are thrilled when … Read more

How to see Neptune through a telescope

Once you find all five brightest planets — Mercury, Venus – Mars, Jupiter & Saturn — you’ll have the opportunity to face Uranus. It’s a very tricky thing as it is a world where no human sighting exists from the sun. Neptune is visible only with a telescope or an eyepiece because it is less … Read more