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Best Telescopes Under $200 | Complete Guide 2020

A high quality telescope can be an expensive investment in a new hobby, and many people would prefer to purchase something cheaper to gauge their interest. This introduces some new problems; a telescope that costs


Apus Constellation | The Bird of Paradise

One of the smaller constellations in the night sky, Apus consists of just a few bright stars. Located just to the South of Triangulum Australe, this constellation is best seen from the Southern hemisphere due


How much does a good telescope cost?

If you’re thinking about buying a telescope, then you’re going to want to know exactly how much you should spend on a telescope. Much of this will depend on your budget, and it goes without


How does a Catadioptric Telescope work?

If you’re learning more about astronomy and you’re wondering about the different types of telescope that are out there, then you’re bound to come across the catadioptric system. It works differently to both a reflector


How does a Cassegrain Telescope work?

Outside of the two most popular telescope types, reflectors and refractors, there are also other designs that you might want to be aware one. One of the most popular is a Cassegrain telescope, which is


How to Use a Telescope for Stargazing

If you’ve just got your telescope or you’re looking for one to buy, then you’ll need to know how to use it. Some of this will depend on what type of telescope that you’re using,


Zhumell Z8 Telescope Review

When considering which telescope to get, many people come across the Zhumell Z8 telescope and aren’t exactly sure what to think. It isn’t one of the big name brands like Celestron and Orion, however it’s


10 Meteorite Facts | What exactly is a Meteorite?

If you’re wondering what exactly a meteorite is, then you’re in the right place. Many people get confused about a meteorite, and wonder what exactly the difference is between a meteroite and other objects. On


11 Nebula Facts | What exactly are Nebulae?

Nebulae are one of the most fascinating things to look at from Earth when you’re looking at the night sky. However, many people aren’t even aware of what a Nebula is, let alone why they


10 Black Eye Galaxy Facts

The Black Eye is actually one of the lesser known galaxies if you compare it to some of the larger galaxies in our universe. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive, and it definitely


10 Whirlpool Galaxy Facts

The Whirlpool galaxy is also referred to as M51a, and it’s a great place for amateur astronomers to start when they’re first looking up in the night sky. It is pretty easy to locate in


11 Pinwheel Galaxy Facts

When talking about a spiral galaxy, the first example of this many people use is the Pinwheel galaxy – it’s a great example of a face-on spiral. Of course, it also takes it’s name from


10 Sombrero Galaxy Facts

If you’re looking up at the sky, then one of the first places many people star is the Virgo constellation. It’s the second largest constellation in the sky, and it has the 17th brightest star


10 Rhea Moon Facts | Cool Facts about Rhea

There are many facts to learn about the moon Rhea. It orbits around the planet Saturn, and it’s Saturn’s second largest moon, which is why it is one of it’s more well known moons. Like


10 Dione Moon Facts | Cool Facts about Dione

Dione is one of the moons that orbits the planet Saturn. It is the fifteenth largest moon in our solar system, and one of the four moons discovered by Giovani Cassini (the others being Rhea,