Apertura telescope review – Is it the best?

The Apertura AD8 is a high-performance Dobsonian reflector telescope manufactured by High Point Scientific, and can be used for the observation and imaging of large-scale telescopes. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced astronomers.  

Apertura telescope review

Apertura AD8 optical tubes are installed on simple Dobsonian mounting from cheap particleboard. These standards are common in most Dobsonian telescopes and are fairly robust and can easily support 25-pound optic tubes. When it comes to budget telescopes under $500, this one often gets mentioned.

However particle boards are highly resistant to water damage from moisture and are required for optimum storage. The AD8 has an additional advantage that uses a rolling wheel for the rotation of an axial arc. 

Most Dobsonians are using a bearing mounted in teflon pads, while AD8 uses rollers. There is also some improvement in smoothness of hand movements.

Accessories for Telescopes

Apertura AD8 provides a variety of conveniences at an affordable cost. The tube includes a Dual Speed Crayford focused lens and an Air Cooling Fan on the rear.

In addition it is fitted to the collimators with hand knobs which allow toolless primary mirror alignment. However secondary mirrors do not contain anything like them. These can either be replaced with secondary mirror collimators made of high point material. 

It has a 4-slot eyepiece tray and an eyepiece collimator, a moon filter, a laser detector and an 8×50 right-angle finder.

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The APERTURE Dobsonian Telescope is ranked amongst the most prestigious Dobsonian Telescope available today. These 6″ reflective telescopes feature a high quality optical system that has an astonishing 1/12 wave size. The shiny black optical tube rides in an easy-to-use Dobsonian mounting. 

How to Set Up & Use the AD8 Dobsonian

The Dobson is suitable for novice and intermediate astronomers. Unlike a computerised telescope, the classic Dobsonian will never find your target object. It’s your job. It can be difficult sometimes, but it is the honor to learn from the night skies.

The Apertura dobson will be viewed on a night-time basis when it is positioned in the cradle on a relatively level ground with a rockerscrew. No electrical or motors are involved and the fans can only be heard during cooling.

The optical tube assembly

The AP8 is a Newton-style reflector on an esthetic base of Dobsian Altazimuth. As with most optical Newtonian telescopes, such as telescopes, the optical tube can weigh up to 25 pounds and measure 46 inches. 

It is a little frustrating, but is quite transportable and easy to setup. It is finished with matte black paint and the tube has matte finish. Its matte interior should prevent reflections from entering the pipe, but the scope would benefit from a darker coat.

Accessories for the Apertura AD8

The Apertura D8 Dobsonian is a 9x50mm right-hand imagefinder. A telescope that offers such a low cost of operation it’s impossible to beat. AD 8 is an Exclusive HighPoint scientific device.

A pertura AD8 is a nine-inch finder which functions, but it is a small pain to aim a telescope. It’s best to observe along the tubes then look into the finding device for a precise position. It can become somewhat confusing for people with limited understanding of sky. 

The Almost Perfect Dobsonian Mount

The Dobsonians use roller bearings for azimuth (side-to-side ) motion unlike the typical Teflon pads and laminate arrangements which are used in many Dobsonians.

The solution works well; however, there can be a bit more difficult to get proper motion—a lot of people complain that the scope is too stiff or spins too easily, causing some frustration when looking for objects. The scope can also easily spin around when wind blows in.

Overview of AD8 optical tubes

Apertura AD8 Dobsonian telescopes utilize standard BK7 / soda lima glass. The scope may take over half an hour to cool off after a temperature change, this will take longer.

This mirror can easily collide, but we’d recommend removing the “mirror locking screws” on the front. These are supposed to be used by the telescope to retain collimations in the transport process but in practice they create a confusing collimation system.

Should I buy a Used Apertura AD8?

One used Apertura AD8 Dobsonian has an amazing scope. Check that the mirror is transparent. Generally, some dirt/grim can be cleaned, but coating damage will make it difficult for you to re-coax the mirror. 

Having an damaged base can also be a little more difficult, but it will cost a few hundred dollars if made from plywood (and the plywood base actually weighs less than the original base anyway).

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Although AD8 is a wonderful astronomer telescope that anyone with a keen eye should be aware that it has some important aspects that must be taken before you begin. Does AD 8 work well with your budget or not? Continue reading for more information. 

Who should not buy it?

While the AD8 is a very good performer, it does have some downsides. It may not suit all astronomers’ needs. It should be noted first what kind of Dobsonian mounts. This mount is exceptionally simple and optimum for “point and shoot” astronomy.

There are no features of higher quality mounts. In backyard astronomy it’s not measurable. The AD8 has a motor and can be used as a telescope. As the base isn’t motorized, it also doesn’t represent another feasible method for astrophotography.

Who is this model for?

The Apertura AD 8 is a perfect telescope for most telescope users. It’s an excellent tool that provides a lot more than a few years of enjoyment for beginner users. A larger number of experienced astronomers love the AD 8 as its optical qualities hit almost every mark.

The AD8 is a cheap and good quality option for adding a small Dobsonia to your arsenal. A key characteristic for AD8 has been to be able to become a master of his trade.

Key features

Apertura AD8 : The ideal balance between light collection and manoeuvrability is not often seen at a price point like this. The Apertura AD8 is only available through Highpoint Scientific but is also covered by 2 years’ transferable warranties*. 

Features and Benefits

If you’d like the latest telescope in your collection you should look at all the advantages each telescope can offer you. What is your best choice? You can watch each feature in action and then decide.

What You Can See With the AD8

Tell me the effect the AD8 has on you looking through the eyes? Definitely lots! Dobsonians popularity is determined largely by their light and AD8 is an accurate light bucket in this regard.

The AD7 is the perfect telescope that can provide stunning views from all directions. It offers stunning views over the moon with higher amplification and its spectacular topographic features. You will have the opportunity to explore craters and valleys vividly and with an excellent colour balance.

The APertura can be seen at the best times in optimum condition for stellar monitoring.

Mount Performance

Dobsonian mounts are virtually foolproof, so there’s really no problem with them. Apertura’s mounting system has been carefully designed to be highly capable. Unlike most manufacturers, AD8 uses roller bearing systems for controlling the motion. 

Roller bearings are not only more durable but provide smoother handling which helps keep them centered while you’re searching for something. The tensions in AD8 mounts can be a little confusing.

Most manufacturers use the standard frictional tensioner. Orion telescope uses spring tensions which provide minor improvements. 

Setup and use

With their price at a tiny aperture, Dob is very popular for its ease of installation and enjoyment. A perfect shot, the Dobsonians AD 8 is an easy way of enjoying the sky. You can simply mount an optical tube onto the base, insert an eyepiece on the focuser, using a finderscope to find the object you want and enjoy the beauty.

In terms of the light-gathering ability for a large Dobsonian as the AD8, the caveats are very large. The optical tube and rocker are very strong with a weight of approximately 20 pounds each. The ensemble measures approximately 59 lbs.

Optical performance

Quality of an optical component on an instrument determines its quality. Without good optics, a telescope can generate a blurry view of the object that produces a weak contrast, which will quickly transform into paper weight.

Unfortunately, it shouldn’t be a problem in the Apertura AD8. The AD8 offers a moderately large view with bright details and clear hues and features an 8” and 1260mm lens diameter for maximum viewing.

The primary mirror consists of parabolic milled to 1/12 wave with silicon dioxide and aluminum coatings providing 93% reflective power.

Included equipment

While most telescopes do come with some accessories, typically these are merely throw-in items that are not of much use but they look great on paper too. This is not true for AD8: It also includes surprisingly great equipment and is of extremely high quality too.

A notable item are 2” Crayford focusers. This focuser has a dual 10-speed design and is a good choice for most telescopes of this price range. Because it is a 2″ Focuser the eyepiece is compatible.


Unfortunately, astrophotographers have been stuck cold by AD7. A8. Dobsonian – Mounted in an altazimuth. Without motorized tracking astrophography cannot take place. It will provide a visual perspective.

Standard Magnification Table

The table outlined below shows the maximum magnifying level achieved in this scope at 25 x 18 x 10 mm. The lower column shows how it would look using 2x barlow focusing lenses.

Is Apertura a good telescope brand?

The Apertura AD10 is one of the best-selling beginner telescopes of today and offers nearly unparalleled value.

Is Apertura good?

Apertura AD8 is a midrange DoBSononian reflector telescope by High Point Scientific which is identical with the GSO 7″ Dobsonsonian and Orius XT8. It offers a very affordable scope for astronomic novices and advanced amateurs.

Who makes Apertura telescopes?

Apertura scopes are sold exclusively by High Point Scientific and thus can reduce costs otherwise devoted to marketing and logistical costs. The end result is a telescope which significantly exceeds its cost, at well below $300.00.

Are Apertura eyepieces any good?

This is an excellent power range and is apparent to have an apparent range in vision from 40 degrees to 60 degrees. The wide range of lenses and blackened lens edges are a surprise to anyone.