Month: April 2020


Celestron vs Orion – Which Brand is Best?

Whenever people are searching for the best telescopes online, the two most popular names that pop up are Celestron and Orion (among many others, obviously). Since it seems that they share the pedestal, most of


Astronomy vs Astrology – How are they related?

Astronomy and Astrology almost seem synonymous to laymen; the fact that there are numerous similarities between these two fields of study is indisputable, but there are also many differences that set them very much apart.


Celestron Nexstar 8SE Review

Ever since its invention, the telescope was a marvellous contraption – even the simplest designs were pretty complex in nature, and they offered the world what was deemed impossible at the time, which is a


Dobsonian vs Newtonian – Is There A Difference?

Astronomy is a beautiful profession and gazing at the endless skies with countless cosmic gems therein enriches both the spirit and mind. However, just like with every other calling, it requires patience and diligence to


Reflecting vs Refracting Telescopes – Which to Choose

Reflectors and Reflectors along with Catadioptric telescopes are the three main telescope types; however, the majority of people mainly use reflecting and refracting telescopes, so if you’re on a market looking for the most essential


Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ Review

Celestron’s 127 EQ from the PowerSeeker series is definitely one of the most rewarding low-end telescopes – it packs a huge scope, premium quality features, and it was built like a wall of bricks. Due


Orion SkyQuest XT8 Review | Is it a good telescope?

Orion is a huge brand that manufactures premium-quality telescopes, binoculars, various optic gear pieces, and a huge array of accessories to complement their performance.  Their two most popular series of telescopes are the Star Blast


Best Telescope for Kids | Full Reviews 2020

For millennia, we have all been fascinated by the night sky and the mysteries of the cosmos. This is particularly true for kids, and when they are introduced to a telescope, it can open up


Best Telescopes Under $200 | Complete Guide 2020

A high quality telescope can be an expensive investment in a new hobby, and many people would prefer to purchase something cheaper to gauge their interest. This introduces some new problems; a telescope that costs


Best Telescopes for Astrophotography in 2020

If you’re considering taking up astrophotography as a hobby, you’re likely to be aware that not just any old telescope will do. Although complete beginners may be able to manage with a good camera or


Best Travel Telescope for Portability in 2020

If you’re interested in learning about astronomy, you may think that you need to have a backyard that is free of light pollution to enjoy the hobby. While the ideal scenario would be to have